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KLG Europe Logistics Romania has completed the second stage of development

25 November 2014

KLG Europe Logistics Romania has completed the second stage of development of its central logistics hub near Bucharest.

The logistics platform in Bucharest has reached a total of 35.000 square meters of built area. 
The second phase of development has been implemented within seven months and has required a total budget of 5,6 million euros. The result consists in a 5.000 square meters cross-docking platform, a 5.000 square meters class A warehouse, 1.200 square meters of office space and 1.000 square meters of VAS rooms.

“The completion of this investment represents for KLG both the expansion of the logistics platform and the evolution of the company’s services, but also the next step for our development plan. This project incorporates the latest technologies available in our industry and their benefits will quickly be transferred towards our clients and partners”, said Dragoș Gelețu, Managing Director of KLG Europe Logistics Romania.

The new cross-dock terminal has a total of 15 docking doors directly integrated into the distribution and collection hub & spoke KLG system. IT systems played an important role in the design of the new terminal, a complete paperless cross-scanning system is in place, system that enhances our commitment for next-day deliveries all over Romania. This system brings a 30% increase in handling productivity for deliveries, compared to a typical configuration of such a terminal. 
“Eight years ago we were entering Romania with a well-structured plan for KLG’s development. Following a fast growth and after strengthening our business here, we decided to take the next step. We thank our partners and our employees for their dedication and we are proud of the company’s contribution to turning this country into one of the most important logistics hubs in the European Union”, said Kees Kuijken, CEO KLG Europe.

The company owns an 18,5 hectares logistic park in Bolintin Deal, at the 23rd km on the Bucharest – Pitești highway, for which the planned construction reaches approximately 85.000 square meters of warehouse. The expansion stage started in April 2014, and completed November 2014, brought to KLG’s portfolio a brand new facility with the latest features available in the logistics sector. 
For the warehouse floor, a very important element for this type of construction, KLG Europe Logistics Romania has allocated 500.000 euros of the total investment. It was designed without expansion joints, which allows operating special narrow aisles forklifts and reduces maintenance costs for the equipment.

For its trucking partners KLG Europe Logistics Romania has invested into a special area designed for truck drivers, where they can await for the completion of loading/unloading operations. 
The new logistics terminal is already in operation, with a 90% occupancy rate. The investment has created about 50 new jobs and brought a significant reduction in goods handling.

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