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Digitalization in logistics

07 September 2020

Everyone thinks of physical goods flows when using the terms: "transport and logistics". But what about the associated information flows? And how do we as KLG Europe deal with this? Digitalization is the answer!

Digitalization refers to the transition of information to a digital form. At KLG Europe, this already starts with the receipt of transport and warehouse orders, the so-called order entry, via our KLG web portal or EDI. This data forms the basis of our digital file, whereby this digital file is continuously supplemented with new information from internal departments and external partners. This method bundles all information and enables us to continuously inform our customers and partners about the status of their shipments.

Digitalization is not limited to just a digital file.

Another example of digitalization within KLG is our smart camera system in the cross dock. We receive shipments from all over the Benelux at our cross dock and these shipments are grouped by destination country in Europe.

As soon as a pallet is unloaded, our camera system registers this pallet and follows it completely until it leaves the cross-dock again. A safe thought!

In addition, we are currently working on a solution to speed up the transit of arriving and departing trucks, by means of license plate recognition. This means that physical registration at the driver's counter will no longer be necessary. After scanning the license plate, the system knows exactly whether this truck is loading or unloading and automatically allocates a dock.

An important pivot in the digitalization of our processes is our IT department where 18 FTE work in various areas such as development, programming and maintenance of the different IT-systems. In addition, KLG invests annually to maintain and further develop the entire organization at a high IT technical level. KLG Europe would like to innovate but is looking for a custom made solution because existing digital products on the market do not meet the demand. That is why we also have a development team at KLG Europe. The latest innovations are realized by this team.

An example of this is KLG's own customer portal. There are portals available on the market, but we have decided to develop a portal ourselves that fully meets the requirements of our customers and our own organization. Our customer portal is completely modular, so that specific modules can be switched on and off per customer. This way we ensure that our customers are never overwhelmed with the amount of options.

As you can read, KLG Europe is always trying to stay ahead in the digital world of the logistics sector. This allows us to offer our customers many options and we are always looking for facilities to automate both the internal and external processes. This allows for more shipments to be transported and planned with the same amount of people.




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