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Working together, sharing knowledge and inspiring each other. These are the underlining competencies we consider important in our organization. This is how we fuel the entrepreneurship of every employee. Within a supply chain, these three topics cannot be ignored in order to optimize the entire flow. An optimal flow in which interest, risk and space are kept to a minimum. Proper coordination in this chain ensures a fast delivery time for you as consumers. This is the supply chain from sand to customer. But working together, sharing knowledge and inspiring each other within the supply chain from student and job seeker to our colleague is just as important! Without our people we cannot offer our customers our services. Our people are the engine of our organization. So, to introduce everyone to KLG and our beautiful sector we try to inspire as wide a reach as possible. This time through banners at the plot of the new building in Eersel, a digital seminar and a meet & greet with students and job seekers and through various other updates form our organization.

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