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This vlog is all about "stars" and celebrating these moments. The KLG women are our first standouts in this vlog. Logistics has long ceased to be a male-only industry. We show this once again when celebrating International Womens Day! Our students and interns are also indispensable. Every semester, we award the “KLG Kanjer” to the outstanding interns. Our vlog star Joost talks about why he is a driver and what the advantages are of being a driver at KLG. We are also busy making all kinds of videos. In this vlog you can see that a camera has been installed in Eersel to record the new building step by step. Also, the Hackathon video is recorded for the Fontys and we see how a promo video is recorded because we are through to the next round of the Most Attractive Employer! In the context of sustainability, the lights in the office are replaced and we look ahead to the upcoming event in which many KLG colleagues will participate.

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