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Corona virus

28 February 2020

In December 2019, an outbreak of the Coronavirus was reported.

At the beginning is seemed to be not that dangerous. In the meantime, the virus has also been emerged in the Netherlands and spread to all other European countries.

How things will develop? No one dares to predict. In some regions, daily life stands still, events are canceled, schools are closed and many people are quarantined.

As an organization, we are aware of our social responsibility and therefore make our contribution. For example, in cooperation with our parent company Sinotrans, we recently arranged some shipments of medical goods (including mouth masks) to the affected areas in China.

The consequences for the world economy are completely unknown. Due to, among other things; China which is severely restricted, the entire supply chain will face unexpected consequences.

This affects the economy that depends on the transit of goods from China. Yvonne Peeters – Management Assistant explains in an interview with ‘EenVandaag’ that the impact differs per sector.  As a global economy, we are extremely depending on China as a production country for many raw materials and goods. China is indispensable in our Supply Chain in any industry. Mark Bremen - Business Development discusses in the fragment of L1 (local broadcaster) that the virus will lead to a million damage for all branches of industry.

“We as an organization feel socially committed to the coronavirus and would like to contribute in our own way to help the victims of the coronavirus and the health care providers. Despite speculation about the future and the potentially gigantic consequences for many different industries, it is difficult to estimate the impact this will have on the global economy but also on society. Unfortunately, the end is not yet in sight. We sympathize with the victims and wish them a lot of strength. ” - Erik Loijen, CEO of KLG Europe

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