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15 October 2021

Differentiating yourself from the competition is possible by thinking ahead. KLG Europe stands for Borderless Logistics with complete logistics unburdening and the wishes and requirements of the customer in the middle.

As soon as there are developments in the market or as soon as we notice that they are coming, we inform our customers in a timely manner. We inform proactively so that you are not faced with surprises. Because of that you can also inform your customers and keep your service level optimal. The optimal flow of our  customer's supply chain is the basis of logistics services.

It is important as a logistics service provider to monitor and anticipate developments in the market. We would like to inform you about the developments in Italy.

Measures are currently being implemented in Italy as a result of the new legislation (Decree Law No. 127). This legislation prescribes that from 15 October 2021 a corona pass, also known as a 'Green Card', is mandatory in the workplace. Those who have not been vaccinated or tested will not be able to gain access to various locations, including companies, organizations and institutions. This new legislation does not only apply to employees, but also to visitors and drivers.

Any visitor who cannot provide such proof upon arrival may not enter the location. Including drivers, they must be in possession of a valid and verified certificate.

We expect that the new corona pass may cause delays. These delays will not only be limited to the transport to and from Italy, but will also have consequences for the transport to and from Turkey. The latter in connection with the announced strikes in the port of Trieste due to the new Italian legislation.


Also looking for a logistics service provider who communicates proactively and who understands that optimization of your supply chain starts with market knowledge and good communication? Please feel free to contact us.

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