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17 July 2022

Further improving the image of the logistics sector is what we are committed to at KLG! In July 2022, KLG organised its first open day at the Venlo branch. Read more about how this edition went.


On Saturday 16 July, KLG organised an open day at its Venlo branch. More than 500 visitors visited the Venlo branch and were given a tour of the company and an introduction to the world of logistics.

The image of the logistics sector mostly consists of trucks and large warehouses. It was therefore high time to polish up this image, because the logistics sector is dynamic and innovative. For this reason, a plan for an open day had been on the shelf for years, but scheduling a date was unfortunately not possible for the past two years. Saturday 16 July finally arrived and anyone interested could take a look at the company. A wide variety of visitors came. Apart from people interested in KLG Europe or logistics, we also welcomed students who did not yet know which study to choose. But also people who might want to retrain or those who were looking for a new challenge.

The logistics process

The open day started at 11:00 a.m. and after welcoming visitors, they were given a map showing the route through our company. The route started at the beginning of the logistics process, namely transport planning. After explaining what a planning department does and which innovative systems we use to control our processes, the visitors ended up in our warehouse. Our colleagues spoke enthusiastically about their work. In addition, various demonstrations on all common activities in our warehouses could be seen. As a global logistics service provider, we have a close cooperation with customs. With their own stand at our open day, Dutch Customs gave a demonstration with four Customs officers and two tracking dogs. A good example of what our cooperation looks like in practice.


Like the rest of the world, the logistics world does not stand still. To unburden customers, practical and efficient logistics solutions are needed. By continuing to invest in the latest technologies and implementing continuous improvements and innovations, we have been successful in this for years. KLG builds on the future every day and an innovation street during the open day showcased the latest technologies and our sustainability programmes.


Collaboration is our top priority. Only by working together can you offer a high-quality product. This also means working together with our customers to achieve the best possible supply chain for them. Thus, we showed our visitors what goods we transport for our customers. This is a wide range of different products. From Christmas balls to carpets and from wine to large machines.

Besides working closely with our customers, we also have close collaborations with our suppliers. For example, Hankook, supplier of our truck tyres, enthusiastically taught the visitors a thing or two. Our truck supplier, DAF was also present with the latest new generation DAF trucks and we were allowed to borrow the Peterbilt model to show it off.

We as KLG are therefore proud of these collaborations. Therefore, several customers and partners were present during the open day to showcase their products and our collaborative way of working.

The enthusiasm of our visitors was great. Before this open day, many visitors had no idea about the diversity of work and dynamics in our sector. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and Limburg pie, there was still room on the HR square to ask questions and get information about what it is like to work at KLG.

Family afternoon

In the afternoon, the KLG Family Programme started. So this group of visitors consisted of the families of our own colleagues. The partners and children of all colleagues from Eersel, Rotterdam, Waalwijk and Venlo were welcome. The tour was similar to the route in the morning. The enthusiastic colleagues gave even the youngest visitors a look into our logistics kitchen. At the end of the route, a balloon clown was on hand to welcome and entertain the children. Then the festive and convivial afternoon could begin. Live music, a bouncy castle, ice cream cart, snack wall, cold drinks and live cooking were the ingredients of a very successful KLG Family Afternoon.

We look back on a very successful open day and will continue our efforts to further improve the image of the logistics sector!

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