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A changing logistics market requires different logistics solutions

27 July 2022

Using a truck for your company as if it is your own but no employee costs, no maintenance on the truck and do not want to worry about insurance and permits? That is possible! KLG Trucking offers the solution.

De logistics solution

Many companies have such a flow of goods that it (temporarily) requires the flexibility of an own fleet. In this way companies can keep their Supply Chain as optimal as possible. KLG is always looking for the best logistics solution and KLG Trucking is the logistics answer when the use of 'own' vehicles and drivers is required.

With a state of the art fleet and well-trained drivers, it is possible to temporarily hire both the truck and the driver as “own”. This way the goods can departure at any time, without waiting costs and there is no delay in the production process. By working with KLG Trucking, companies can combine their own shipments and the hired trucks can drive to and from any destination in Europe at any time. The vehicles are equipped with all conveniences and our track & trace system ensures complete transparency (24/7) via our own system. Our vehicles are also ADR equipped and our drivers are ADR trained.

KLG Trucking can provide any kind of trailer, but it is also possible to drive with your company's trailers. Our internationally speaking drivers can also load and unload at your customers in your company clothing. Our representative drivers work for 4 weeks, after which they are redeemed by a colleague. We ensure that all legal requirements are met with regard to loading, insurance, driver certificates, maintenance of the trucks, etc. In addition to an optimal service, we also ensure the lowest possible costs per kilometer with maximum control and certainty about your shipments, that is the quality of KLG.

Good name

KLG Trucking was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of KLG Europe and is growing every year by an average of 20%. KLG Trucking is a healthy company that has built up a good name in the market with a wealth of experience and customers who have been very satisfied for years. This is also reflected in the workforce. Our drivers know that they have come to the right place with us because of the good name we have built up as an employer in recent years. Where other companies throughout Europe are faced with a driver shortage, most of the drivers at KLG Trucking have been working for us for years and it is our good name that ensures that we have no problems scaling up.

Customer relation

KLG Europe is an extension of its customers. For every logistics solution we apply the right modiality and the right service, companies can rely on us. No logistics question is too crazy or challenge too far. We have our focus on long-term customer relationships and, with more than 100 years of experience, we have already been able to formulate an alternative and better logistical answer to their logistics question for many customers. Can we also speed up your supply chain, make it more sustainable, more efficient or make it more attractive from a cost point of view?

We are pleased to look for the most suitable solution without obligation.

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