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30 October 2019

How can you explain a driver shortage while the traffic jams on the road increase at the same time?

“The size of Turkey's economy is at number 18 in the world. With the exception of last year, the economy has grown strongly in the last decade. Istanbul, located on the border of Europe and Asia, is an important economic and logistical link. The city on the Bosporus has around 15 million inhabitants.

It is therefore not surprising that there is a lot of trade in and from this region. The most important industry in the country is textiles but also food, white goods and the automotive sector have a large share in exports. Conversely, many chemicals and consumer goods such as electronics and food are imported from the West.

Partly for this reason, KLG Europe has been offering transport solutions to and from Turkey for some time. Initially through partners, where everything was transported by road. In 2010 we had the opportunity to open our own branch in Turkey. From that moment on we have expressed the vision to offer intermodal as much as possible. At the time, investments were made for this in own equipment, with the aim of doing everything in-house. And to depend as little as possible on third parties.


Source: Rail Cargo – Spoor in cijfers 2019.


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