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26 August 2022

After the successful physical editions in 2018 and 2019 and then the digital variant in 2020 and 2021, this year in September "Experience the logistics chain" will be organized for the fifth time. Seven companies in the Venlo region have joined forces to get pupils, students and jobseekers excited about an education and career in the logistics sector. This event is organized together with knowledge institutions in the Venlo region and the Employers Service Point of North Limburg.

Previous editions highly successful

The initiative proved to be very successful in the past. The physical and digital tour led to more internships in logistics and job seekers entering a training program to be prepared for a job or starting work on the job immediately. The editions in 2020 and 2021 were by necessity organized digitally. This year's edition brings together the benefits of both physical and digital, once again hosting interesting on-location programs.

An industry full of speed and innovation

The logistics sector is rapidly developing into a knowledge-intensive industry. During "Experience the Supply Chain" the organizing parties want to give the participants an attractive look into logistics and get rid of the prejudices. Many people still think of a job in logistics as being about freight documents and lifting heavy boxes. During the program it will become clear that the industry today is dominated by speed, technical gadgets, innovation and sustainability plays an important role. Also within the logistics sector, the demand for personnel has risen sharply in recent years. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to fill vacancies. The demand for good professionals is simply greater than the offer. Thanks to "Experience the Supply Chain" this diverse sector can be introduced to in an accessible way.

The parties behind this logistics tour

Together with a number of other companies from the Venlo region, we have been putting our shoulders under this project for several years now. We will be opening our doors and so will Ewals Cargo Care, Seacon Logistics, Customs Support, ECT / EGS & Hutchison Ports Venlo, vidaXL and LogicLeap. Maastricht University, Fontys Hogeschool Venlo, Gilde Opleidingen and various secondary education institutions will ensure the participation of pupils and students. The locally WSP (a collaboration of municipalities, UWV, educational institutions, knowledge centers and other parties) invites job seekers to get to know our very dynamic sector.

On Wednesday, September 7, the day "Experience the Logistics Chain" for college and university students will take place. During this day, the innovations and sustainability challenges in logistics will be digitally discussed. The day is physically concluded in the Supply Chain Development Center, with all participating parties. Afterwards, a physical introduction day will be organized at the participating companies on the following Wednesday afternoons (September 14, 21 and 28). Secondary school and college students will be digitally introduced to the logistics chain behind every daily purchase. Then, on Friday 7 October, a physical day will be organized at Supply Chain Valley where students will be introduced to the subsequent courses in logistics. This day is facilitated by the logistics service providers. During the meet & greet, the educational programs (college, bachelor and master) are central.

In a supply chain, cooperation and coordination is one of the most important factors. So why not work together with an eye to the future for educational institutions, government and businesses.

More information about this project can be found on the Experience the Supply Chain website.

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