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KLG Europe expand their services in China by opening 3 new branches.

13 May 2015

In 2013 KLG Europe opened a new branch in Shanghai where it started a ‘Buyers Consolidation Centre’ for one of its current retail customers.

After the successful implementation of this concept in Shanghai, KLG have now expanded their services by opening 3 new branches at strategic locations near the Ports of Qingdao, Xiamen and Shenzhen. To offer more customers the same service, the branch in Shanghai have expanded their warehouse from 5000 m2 to 11000 m2. In China the total warehouse capacity now is 19000 m2. These modern warehouses offer a complete package of consolidation and Value Added Service possibilities.

In addition to the expansion of the warehouses, KLG also set up a Vendor Management Team in Shanghai. This team of 20 employees coordinates the total supply chain from Asia to Europe for KLG’s most important customers.

For this project KLG made a web-based tool to provide all links and information in the supply chain required, at the right moment.

The advantage of this system being the ‘just in time information’ available for all involved parties to keep updated about the status of each order. The number of e-mails will also be reduced.

The Vendor Management achieves improvement in the total Supply Chain by more visibility, shorter leadtimes, less disturbance in the logistic flow and aqs a result, lower costs.

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