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At KLG Europe, the employee comes first. As an organization we provide a service to our customers and this service can only be provided by a good team. This makes our HR department an important link and we think it is important that everyone is part of the HR policy and its implementation one way or another. We consider the training of our new colleagues to be one of the most important elements. Knowing and understanding what we expect from each other and what we hope to learn and achieve is part of the introduction programme. In addition, one of our most important pillars is the well-known term “complete logistics unburdening”, we offer this to our customers and this is also our passion and motivation. For example, we offer our customer Yamaha the most suitable logistics PAN European solutions. This means that our colleagues come to the most beautiful places, but also to the most inaccessible places in Europe. And finally; “Who asks, can be helped”. This is one of the simplest requests, but one of the most challenging to fit into your culture. Despite this challenge, we have manged to give this a central place in our culture. So, also this question to the KLG Vlog viewer: “What is your question?”. Let us know! Because; “Wo asks, can be helped”. #KLGEurope #KLGTeam #Logistics

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