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Mirror, mirror on the truck who is the prettiest in truck land? That is our new DAF XG+'s! Striking in our new trucks are the mirrors, or we can better say the cameras that have taken over the place of the mirrors. You can see how that works and what the advantages of those cameras are in this vlog. Our drivers are not only happy with their new DAF XG+ but were also put in the spotlight during Driver's Day. For them this day we rolled out the blue carpet and hung up the balloons because without our drivers our required goods do not reach their destination. Apart from drivers, there are perhaps 100 other logistics jobs in logistics. To inform and enthuse young people about this, we are closely involved in initiatives that contribute to this. This month we were in Venlo and The Hague to share our passion for logistics. After Saint Nicholas it is almost time for Christmas and the preparations are in full swing. Wondering how we celebrate Christmas with our colleagues at KLG? Then be sure to watch the next vlog.

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