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The first vlog of 2023 is a fact. This makes it the first of 12 new exciting vlogs this year that will give you a look behind the scenes at KLG. Last year the first shovel went into the ground in Eersel and now we reached the highest point of the new construction. Youth has the future and the logistics profession is often instilled in children from an early age. This is also with our youngest vlogger, as he is on his own driver's clogs on the road in France together with his father Joost. At KLG we have once again won prizes, for example, we recently handed out World Cup pool prizes to our sporty soccer fans. But also the prize question was answered correctly by a colleague in Rotterdam, namely; THE NEW WORKING AT KLG WEBSITE! And a new employee of the month is awarded at KLG Romania. The ballot boxes for the election of the Most Attractive Employer are about to open and that means that we as KLG will once again compete for this coveted title! Will you help us with your votes so that we may keep this title? Do you not want to miss any KLG news? Subscribe and stay up to date on all developments, current news and cool logistics events.

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