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Are you looking for a reliable transport company in the Netherlands? Then you can count on KLG Europe.

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Whatever your logistics question is, we have the solution. KLG Europe transports all over the world. Whether transport by road, sea, rail or air, we are pleased to discuss together with you which modality of transport suits you best. In addition, we can provide all possible Value Added Services in this logistics process, as well as temporary storage in our modern warehouses. Whatever your logistics question is, we have the solution. This makes KLG Europe not only one of the largest transport companies in the Netherlands, but also a logistics service provider that knows how to formulate the right answer to every logistics question. We call this complete logistics unburdening. High quality of our logistics services, with a focus on costs.

Groupage or LTL transport to or from the Netherlands

No full container or full truck load? Thanks to our comprehensive European distribution network, we can provide optimal part load transport at a good price-quality ratio. Our extensive and intricate network ensures that there is always a suitable solution. We provide daily transport to and from all European countries for both groupage and LTL shipments. We know how to optimally combine your groupage and LTL shipments. The benefits for you? Lower costs, short transit times, qualitative and reliable delivery of your goods.

Transport company the Netherlands: logistics services

KLG Europe strives to carry out transport within, but also to and from, the Netherlands as efficiently as possible and to advise the customer in this and to unburden them completely. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of logistics and transport, we provide you with the most suitable solution. KLG Europe offers all options for transporting your goods from A to B. 

In addition, KLG Europe also offers international transport options, such as to and from China. We offer international logistics services in Europe, as well as international logistics services worldwide. We do this in different ways:

  • Road transport

KLG Europe provides international road transport to all European destinations. With 15 branches in 4 countries and a reliable partnetwork, we are always nearby. Our trucks drive daily to all European countries. At KLG it does not stop with taking care of your international road transport. We do much more, such as the Value Added Services that we offer in our warehouses in Europe and around the world. We can take care of your complete supply chain, such as order picking, sorting, packaging, assembling, labeling and storage of your goods. We can also carry out complete returns and custom clearance efficiently and accurately. 

  • Air freight transport

International air freight transport arranged from warehousing to delivery to the consignee. Thanks to shorter transit times and fast freight handling, your goods arrive quickly at their destination. Our international air transport locations are always nearby. For example, we have strategically very favorable locations in Northwestern Europe at Schiphol in Amsterdam and in Southeastern Europe at Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest. Wherever your cargo needs to go, we ensure that it arrives at its destination with the right paperwork, anywhere in the world. Your international air transport is in good hands with us.

  • Sea freight transport 

International sea freight transport is extremely suitable for transporting heavier and larger loads over long distances. It is environmentally friendly and very safe. We have our own KLG branches in the deep-sea ports of Rotterdam (North Sea) and in Constanta (Black Sea). In addition, we work together with a network of reliable partners from the WCA network all over the world and we are part of one of the largest logistics companies: Sinotrans. Thanks to our own branches and our extensive partner network, we can transport your cargo worldwide via international sea transport. 

  • Rail freight transport

In addition to road transport and air and sea freight, KLG Europe is glad to help you with transport by rail. Rail Transport between China and Europe (and vice versa) has become increasingly popular in recent years. Air freight is admittedly faster, but more expensive. Sea freight is cheaper, but takes longer. In addition to being sustainable, the train transport modality is a good addition to the existing modalities for several reasons. 

As a leading transport company of the “New Silk Way Logistics” joint venture, KLG Europe is proud of the service they have provided. The cooperation with the various partners and local companies ensures a complete package of logistics service before, after and during the route. Total unburdening of the customer, reliability and knowledge and skills are central to this modality which is completely CO2 neutral. Every day we contribute to tomorrow which will be greener than today, this is our focus on sustainability

KLG Europe, transport company in the Netherlands since 1918

With 17 branches worldwide, and various strategic locations at the largest airports and ports, we are the logistics partner and transport company in the Netherlands that can take care of the complete logistics process of your goods. Your logistics process is in good hand with us. Do you have any questions or are you looking for additional information? Then contact us directly.

Are you looking for more information? Contact us!

We would like to get in touch with you.

Are you looking for more information? Contact us!

We would like to get in touch with you.

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