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Sustainability and the reduction of the CO2 footprint is a major international issue in the transportation industry. At KLG, we are aware of the impact that our transports have on the environment. Whenever possible, we therefore choose for the most sustainable solutions. These are often also the most economical solutions, especially in the long term. After all, sustainability not only benefits the environment, but also the economy. Our motto: Learn from the past, look at the present and create the future.

Lean and Green award

KLG is in possession of the Lean & Green certificate. During the past 5 years we have proven, based on our CO2 reduction plan, that we have managed to reduce at least 20% of our emissions. 

Reduced CO2 emissions

We aim for CO2 neutral organization in 2050. We choose good materials, greener solutions (such as intermodal) and more efficient transport. We drive many kilometres. So, we invest in good and modern trucks. 100% of our own fleet meets the Euro 6 emission standards. We train our drivers to drive as safely and efficiently as possible. Sustainability and safety play an important role in the choice of our transport partners.

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