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Corporate social responsibility

Proud of our people

Since 1918, we have attached a lot of value to long-term relationships and pleasant contacts. Our vision: if we are good to our people, our people will be good to us. Practice proves this time and time again. Many of our employees have been working at KLG for many years; they feel part of our team. We also project this to our customers.

Occupational safety and health

Good working conditions for our people contribute to high quality and efficient transportation. Our drivers drive in modern and fully equipped trucks and strictly adhere to all European drivers' hours rules. In our warehouses, extensive safety requirements are in place, and we choose ergonomic solutions to create an environment for our staff that is as pleasant and safe as possible.

Care for the environment

More than 1100 families are maintained by KLG Europe. That gives us great responsibility. We steer a steady course, making us financially solid. 

Europe World

We deliver world-wide, use our service-tool or select a country.

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