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Our drivers come everywhere. Colleague Joost starts the week between the cows and ends the week in the football stadium for an 'I'm going to be a driver' introductory evening. He is there together with our colleagues from HR to provide information about the profession as a driver, but also to explain why it is so much fun to be a driver at KLG. Yvonne is also on the road a lot in this vlog, she attended at the Top 100 logistics event and at the opening of the Supply Chain Development Center. In this vlog you also get a sneak peak of our new miniature trucks and we see an update of the new construction of KLG Eersel. The office in Waalwijk is almost finished and we introduce a number of colleagues to you. The KLG Europe open day will be held in Venlo on Saturday 16 July and preparations are in full swing. You can register until Sunday Jule 10, so be quick! ⏩ www.klgeurope.com/opendag ⏪

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